On April 14, 2018, Filipino content creators got together at Dusit Thani Manila for the biggest blog and social media conference in the Philippines. Blogopolis was created by Nuffnang Philippines as an effort to gather the country’s top bloggers, best social media influencers, and finest digital experts to share their knowledge and insights about anything blogging and digital media.

This year, Blogopolis: The Digital Journey focused on celebrating the diversity and journeys to success of digital content creators. More than that, topics on Branding, Content, Community Building, and the Business side of Content Creation were also ventured on.

Attendees started filling up the foyer of Dusit Thani Manila Grand Ballroom. And after only a short while since registration opened, the hall was filled with attendees who were excited to participate in booth activities.

OPPO brought towers of candies for attendees who are up for a social media task

Globe opened a booth for their volunteer program #GlobeOfGood where attendees signed-up

Those who had SnippetMEdia’s app SnippetX were given prizes at their booth
SnippetX is an exclusive platform launched by SnippetMEdia where bloggers can monetize their content.

JBL showcased their top-of-the-line audio equipment


Seagate opened a booth with exciting video games and photo walls

Auntie Anne’s let our attendees be creative with their Flatlay and Instagram booth

By noon, the buffet table was opened to prepare the attendees for the plenary sessions.

The buffet table was filled with sweets and savory bites. Yum!!!

As people settled down after their sumptuous meals, Tricia Centenera, who’s an established fashion blogger herself, welcomed everyone to Blogopolis.

Tricia then introduced the country manager of Nuffnang Philippines, Abe Olandres to formally open the program.


Following Abe’s welcoming remarks, Tricia went back up the stage to introduce the first speaker, the very fun and creative Youtuber Bella Racelis, also known as ThatsBella.

Bella ventured on determining what makes a personal brand unique. How to truly embrace that uniqueness, and how to bring your brand to life on social media.

After Bella’s talk, Tricia welcomed back Nuffnang PH’s Country Manager, Abe Olandres on stage. This time, Abe went up as the founder of Yugatech, the internationally-recognized tech blog.

Bella, Abe, and Kaycee Enerva gathered on stage for a panel on the role storytelling plays in content creation.

After the first set of speakers, Co-founder and Chief Fireball of Kick Fire Kitchen, Niña Terol took over the stage.

Niña shared about “creating content that moves hearts, minds, communities–and sparks real change in the real world”

Then, it was Cat Triviño’s turn to speak.

Ultimate millennial travel and lifestyle blogger, Cat Triviño delivered an interactive, as well as an informative talk on creating campaigns that call for high engagement.

Niña and Cat was joined by Arisse de Santos, Aryanna Epperson, and Mikyle Quizon for a panel on A Day in the Life of a Content Creator.

After all the speakers received their certificates of appreciation, Tricia introduced the next speaker, Walt Steven Young who is the founder and CEO of AdoboMall.

Walt was joined by vlogger, comedian, radio jock, and online sensation, Lloyd Cadena, as well as the Public Relations Manager of OPPO Philippines, Eason de Guzman, for a panel discussion on how to cultivate a more engaged online community.

Moving forward, it was time for Globe Telecom’s Director-OIC of the Citizenship and Advocacy Marketing Division, Miguel Bermundo to talk about #GlobeOfGood.

Nuffnang Philippines will be partnering with Globe for this volunteer program. Everyone is invited to join us!
Stay tuned to our socials for future announcements regarding #GlobeOfGood

Following Miguel was Tippy and Anthony Go of the Googly Gooeys.

The talented pair shared the creative processes behind the art projects that they recently worked on.

After the creative power couple, it was time for  Jason Cruz, Head of Digital Strategy at MRM/Mccann to share about his digital expertise.

Jason Cruz talked about “The Changing Face of Brands”. How advertisements gradually turned into storytelling.

Then, it was Martha Sta. Barbara’s turn to talk. Martha is a beauty, fashion, travel, and fitness blogger.

For the panel discussion, Tippy and Anthony, Jason, and Martha were joined by the Chief Content Officer of Gadget Match, Michael Josh Villanueva to go into the topic of the secrets of content creators to turning passion into profit.

Completing the series of talks and discussions, Tricia Centenera sat down with the next set of panelists to talk about the timely topic of Cyber Bullying.

The panel was comprised of Nuffnang’s Country Manager, Abe Olandres; OPPO’s Brand Marketing Director, Jane Wan; and OPPO’s Digital Marketing Manager, Alora Guerrero.

After the insightful discussion, the OPPO Content Scholars were awarded.

Congratulations to our content scholars, Jonalyn Lora, Gabriel Eric Villanueva and Paula Criselda Cabildo.

OPPO’s awarding was followed by the Nuffie Awards where highly influential content creators were recognized for their talents in their chosen fields. Watch out for our blog on the Nuffie Awards!

At 6:30 PM, Blogopolis officially ended. The lights were dimmed and the music got louder. With free-flowing drinks from Bacardi, everyone celebrated the eventful ending of Blogopolis: The Digital Journey!

We hope all who attended learned a lot from our speakers and panelists who were very generous to share not only their knowledge on creating content but their stories of success as well. We hope that they inspired you as much as they inspired us to make content that is informative and meaningful.

We’ll see you again in our next digital adventure!

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It all starts with our co-presenters OPPO and Globe. There are no two companies more fitting to support about the celebration of the creator’s journey to success. OPPO champions content creators who make resonant content, and that is through their lineup of smartphones and tech. Similarly, Globe, as the number 1 mobile brand in the country, hopes to inspire bloggers and influencers to live their purpose and contribute to bettering the online community through meaningful content and activities.

In addition to our co-presenters, we have an amazing lineup of sponsors, beginning with SnippetMEdia, a forefront of fair news and journalism. Their app is a convenient way to keep yourself looped in to the current goings-on in the country and SnippetX is an efficient platform for creators to showcase their content.

Continuing the list are JBL, Seagate, Bacardi, and Auntie Anne’s—all leaders at their respective fields. JBL is known for its innovative audio solutions, Seagate for its constantly impressive storage innovations. Bacardi, the premium spirits brand, graces Blogopolis with a proper “Bacardi vibe”, with Auntie Anne’s rounding up the party with its sumptuous sweet and savory snacks.

Learn more about our sponsors after the bump.

About OPPO

The selfie expert, OPPO is ranked as one of the top smartphone brands globally since 2016 and provides excellent selfie experiences to more and more young people around the world. OPPO has been focusing on selfie technology breakthroughs for 10 years. They innovated selfie beautification and drove the selfie trend in the smartphone industry. In 2017, OPPO introduced A.I. to the front camera and is leading a brand new era of the selfie.

About Globe

Globe Telecom, Inc. is the number one mobile company in the Philippines. We provide cellular, broadband and mobile data services, recognizing the growth preference of our customers towards content-rich offerings and multimedia applications that enrich the Filipino digital lifestyle.


About SnippetMEdia

SnippetMEdia is a pioneering digital media app in the Philippines available on Android and iOS that seeks to become a single destination of the world’s most entertaining and trusted sources of information.

It’s the first-of-its-kind infotainment app that provides only the most relevant content, where you can keep abreast of stories you want and information that matter to you.

Download the SnippetMEdia app today.

About JBL

JBL has been synonymous with the precise, naturally articulated sound found in many of the world’s most prestigious locations, including cinemas and recording studios, and live-music reinforcement in venues ranging from concert halls to outdoor stadiums and in the home. JBL speakers amplify the music that immerses you in a moment. Don’t just look, really see. Don’t just live, experience. And don’t just hear, #DareToListen.

About Bacardi

Bacardi – nurtured by seven generations of the Bacardi family – is a vibrant, family-owned spirits company, as well as the world’s largest privately held spirits company.

About Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s got its start in 1988 when Anne Beiler bought a stand in a Pennsylvania farmers market. After some experimentation, “Auntie” Anne created a masterpiece. We continue to bake by a certain philosophy that keeps people coming back for more delicious dough. It’s easy to see: We are so much more than just pretzels.


See you at BLOGOPOLIS: THE DIGITAL JOURNEY! For more information about the event, visit

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Howdy, Nuffnangers!

Are you excited for BLOGOPOLIS: THE DIGITAL JOURNEY? If you thought “yes”, boy do we have some great news for you.

We’re giving away fifty (50) Blogopolis tickets to our beloved creators and readers. All you have to do is vote for your favorite bloggers/content creators nominated for our Nuffie Awards.

Here’s how:

  1. Vote for your favorite bloggers/content creators nominated for our Nuffie Awards. See this post for more details
  2. Accomplish the form below.

BLOGOPOLIS 2018: Win tickets!

Deadline of submission is on April 11, 2018 (Wednesday), 11:59 PM.

We’d like to thank our co-presenters Globe and OPPO for making this event a reality. “Blogopolis: The Digital Journey” is sponsored by Seagate, SnippetMEdia, Bacardi, JBL, and Auntie Anne’s, with official venue partner Dusit Thani Manila.

Nuffnang Community Team



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